1. INTRODUCTION: The following terms and conditions apply to all business transactions concerning the products offered for sale by SEBIO SPRL through its Teatower online shop,  excluding all other conditions (except the cases of express, written prior dispensation accepted by parts). The only fact of placing order on the Teatower website involves agreement with these general terms and conditions.

2. DEFINITIONS: The terms used under the present general rules or on the Teatower website must be understood in the following way:

2.1 Teatower: the website of SEBIO SPRL on which the products are presented and sold to the customers. All the domains (.be, .com, .nl, ...) and related URLs are listed under the name Teatower.

2.2. Customer: any private or legal entity, able to form legally binding contracts and is at least 18 years old, which places order for product on the Teatower website.

2.3 Order: a customer request to become part of a sales contract between SEBIO SPRL and that customer of Teatower online shop, regarding the products offered by Teatower.

2.4 Product Sheet: defines the information (texts, pictures, graphics, category classification systems,...) related to a product offered for sale on the Teatower website.

2.5 Products: all the goods offered for sale by SEBIO SPRL on its Teatower online store website

2.6 Transaction: all operations, secured processes, authorizations and agreements inherent to every bank card payment for the ordered products or using other methods of virtual transactions offered on the website.


The customer acknowledges having read and understood these terms and conditions of sales and by simply placing an order, agrees to accept them and to be bound on these terms unconditionally. The confirmation of the order implies acceptance of these terms and conditions of sale.


SEBIO SPRL offers for online sale teas, tea related products and herbal teas (article 5). The customer connects himself to our Internet website and by filling his shopping cart, places his order for the products, which he chose while navigating on the website (article 6). The purchased products are paid online by the payment methods listed on the site (article 8). Teatower confirms the acceptance of the order by e-mail and the products are delivered to the customer within a specified time (article 7).


Only the products for which an “Indentity Card” (product sheet) is displayed on the Teatower website can be the subject of sale.


6.1 The customer is responsible for the entire information provided by him by typing the data on the website inherent to his order. Teatower cannot be held responsible for errors made by the customer regarding provided name and address of the order recipient (deliver address, particularly in case of invoicing address) and also not for delivery delays or impossibility of delivering the ordered products that these errors could cause.

6.2 The automatic registration systems is a valid proof of the nature, content and date of order.

6.3 After receiving from the customer his request to order, Teatower confirms the acceptance of the customer’s order by sending a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address specified during the registration of that customer’s order. The sale will be concluded only as from the sending of the aforementioned confirmation of order.

6.4 In a general way and without justification, Teatower reserves the right to refuse or cancel any order of a customer, especially in case of payment problem related to the order in question or a litigation regarding the payment for a previous order.

6.5 Except the category “On Demand”, almost all products are on stock. If the ordered product is not available or not available for immediate delivery, Teatower informs the customer about the delivery time by e-mail. If the given delivery time-frame does not satisfy the customer, he can choose either to modify or to cancel his order.

6.6 Only a person, who is legally capable of entering into binding contracts, can place an order.


7.1 After the confirmation of the order and the acceptance of the payment received from the transaction responsible institution, Teatower commits to arrange the shipment of the ordered goods to the specified delivery address in a time-frame which generally varies between 1 and 3 working days, depending on location. All the details concerning the delivery time are available on Teatower website.

7.2 By placing an order, the customer commits himself to settle, at the time of the reception of the goods, all present and future taxes, rights, duties and other fees and expenses, related to the delivery of the ordered products. The responsibility of SEBIO SPRL cannot be invoked in this respect for any reason.

7.3 The delivery is carried out by GLS & Mondial Relay. The delivery timescale and shipping rates are available on the Teatower website. No indemnity can be claimed by the customer to Teatower or to the carrier in case of delivery delay.

7.4 At the reception of the ordered products, the customer or the recipient should verify the proper condition of the delivered product. In the event that one or more of the ordered products are missing or damaged, the customer or the recipient should formulate his reserves to the carrier immediately at the time of delivery.

7.5 If a parcel is not receipt in spite of repeated attempts of the carrier (maximum three attempts), the parcel will be returned over to Teatower and the addressee will be informed about it by e-mail. A supplementary delivery could be asked by the customer; in this case he will support all the expenses (even if the first delivery had been carried out free of charge).

7.6 Clients or recipients of products are strictly forbidden from partial or total product resale.


8.1 In compliance with the current legislation for distance selling (Law of 14 July, 1991), the client has the right to waive the purchase without any penalty and without giving any reason. The customer has 14 calendar days, as from the reception of the ordered goods, to return them to Teatower for exchange or refund. For refunding or exchange, the customer must return the products intact, in their original packaging (including the delivery note), including all accessories (all that has been received, including user manuals and documents), to his expense and under his responsibility, to the following address:

TEATOWER Logistics Centre
Z.I. n° 3
5377 Baillonville


8.2 If the products are returned to Teatower respecting the specified above conditions and deadlines, Teatower agrees to refund the sums paid by the customer (excluding shipping charges, which will be paid by the customer) at no charge. If the initial delivery expenses were covered by Teatower (orders that exceed a particular value that gives the right to a free of charge delivery or in case of particular promotional offers), those fees will be deducted from the refunded amount. Refunding will be preformed within maximum 1 month as from the reception of the goods by Teatower.


9.1 The price indicated on the product sheet does not include transport expenses.

9.2 The total price indicated in the order confirmation is the final price which includes all taxes and VAT. This price includes the price of products, handling, packaging, storage of goods and transport costs.

9.3 Teatower reserves the right to change prices at any time, but the products are invoiced at those prices which are valid at the time of registration of an order.


10.1 The product price is payable by means of payment offered on site the day of placing the order.

10.2 The protection both against unauthorized use of payment instruments for online transactions, especially in case of hacking, as well as against eventual disputes related to the order payment, are insured by the OGONE Company.

10.3 The order validated by the client does not become effective until the secured payment institution and OGONE Company have expressed their agreement on the execution of the transaction. In case of expressed refusal by the secured payment institution or by OGONE Company, the order will be canceled and the customer will be notified by e-mail.

 10.4 The information specific to a customer order is the object of automated data processing under the responsibility of OGONE. The automated data processing is aimed at fighting frauds with bank cards. OGONE and Teatower are the recipients of the order related data. Failed transmission of order related data, jeopardize transaction analysis and execution.


11.1 In any case and in any way, Teatower, SEBIO SPRL cannot be held liable for damages of any kind that may result from improper use of sold products.

11.2 The liability of Teatower or SEBIO SPRL cannot be invoked in any case of eventual products modifications which would be the responsibility of the manufacturers.

11.3 The liability of Teatower or SEBIO SPRL is in any case, always, limited to the value of the placed order, we cannot be held liable for simple errors or omissions that may occur despite all taken precautions in presenting the products. Particularly, the images presented on the website are provided only as examples. Under no circumstances, a modification of the container or of the product content cannot be invoked, comparing to the available photo on the website. The details presented in the product sheet are for your information only. The customer agrees to read carefully the information posted by the manufacturer in or on the product packaging. These notes contain important information (particularly dosages and contraindications) that the user must respect.

11.4 This site contains links to other websites. Neither Teatower nor SEBIO SPRL can be held responsible for the current or future content of these Internet pages, also not for the content of external sites that link to Teatower website.


12.1 In any case Teatower or SEBIO SPRL cannot be held responsible for non-compliance with current laws and regulations applicable in the receiving country. The eventual liability of Teatower or SEBIO SPRL is exclusively limited to the value of the implicated products, valid at the date of sale. The customer may contact our customer service by filling out the form available on the Teatower website under “Contact Us”.


13.1 The collection of personal data carried out for distance selling is required, this information is essential for orders processing and delivery. The lack of information or false indications lead to non-validation of the order.

13.2 Teatower complies with the Belgian Law of 8th December 1992, regarding privacy protection in relation to the processing of personal data, amended by Law of 11th December 1998, which implements the EU directives adopted on 24th October 1995. This law provides that the company that collects personal data must have the consent of the person concerned, that data must be gathered accurately and should be collected for a precise, clear and legitimate purpose. Everyone must have access to own personal data and the right to modify them. Under the law, the processing of personal information about customers has been the subject of a statement to the Commission for privacy protection. The customer has the right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning him; he can exercise this right with Teatower.

13.3 Teatower and SEBIO SPRL will not disclose your personally identifiable information to third parties.


Any texts, layouts, illustrations, photos, product descriptions and other information contained on this site are copyright protected and, in general, protected by the principles of intellectual property right. The site content of Teatower website may not be copied. It can not be changed or placed on another website or used and published in any form without prior written permission of Teatower / SEBIO SPRL. This site may also contain texts, illustrations and other material protected by copyrights of third parts. Teatower, SEBIO SPRL don’t give in any manner and in any case the permission to use their intellectual property or that of others.


In case of difficulties in executing this contract, the client and Teatower / SEBIO SPRL reserve the right, before any legal action to look for an amicable solution. Otherwise, in any legal action, only the Belgium Courts are competent, regardless of the place of delivery of the products or the residence of the customer. The contracts and all legal relationships between the client and Teatower / SEBIO SPRL are subject to Belgian law.