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To give you a moment of absolute pleasure, we've selected a range of accessories that are the perfect accompaniment to your tea break. From our cast-iron and ceramic teapots to sets of ceramic cups imported directly from China, our selection promises a memorable tasting experience.

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Tea: a thousand-year-old tradition

Did you know that tea is celebrated through age-old methods of preparation and service? Whether in Asian or Oriental culture, the quality of tea is of paramount importance, as is the equipment used. Whether it's a traditional stainless steel teapot from Morocco or a cast-iron teapot from China, each choice influences the way you prepare and enjoy your tea.

Be well-equipped for the best tasting experience

In Europe, it's mainly the UK that has developed its own tea ceremony, the famous Tea Time. However, wherever you are in the world, successful tea tasting requires the use of matching teapots and cup sets.

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